Birds: Danish ringed Spoonbill in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

In December we took a trip to try and see the endemic Fuerteventura Chat in the Canary Islands, several pairs of chats were located along with some other great endemic and range restricted birds, including the Western palearctic’s fifth Dwarf Bittern.

Just as interesting was this ringed Spoonbill recorded at Salinas del Carmen, Fuerteventura. It’s green ring with the code V068 enabled us to track it to a Danish ringing scheme. The bird was ringed as a chick in Nordjylland, Denmark in May 2014 and has undertaken a 3677 KM journey South West to reside on this Island close to the West coast of Africa.


With thanks to the Natural History Museum of Denmark, Copenhagen for the ringing details.

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