Bats: A sound recorded Nathusius Pipistrelle at Baltasound, Unst, Shetland, UK.

There are no resident bats in Shetland, however a few species have been recorded on migration. At around 6pm on the 18th October I was on the phone to Brydon Thomason chatting through the days birding, when he noticed a small bat flying around his house in Baltasound, Unst. I’ve been trying to record bats here for a few years, the latest failure only being a few days earlier when Dave Cooper had a large bat flying around his garden at Millfield, Norwick and we arrived moments too late. This time Mike Pennington and I headed swiftly across to Brydon’s house, but the bat had flown towards the wooded garden of Sycamores at Halligarth. We located it feeding on Northern side of the garden in lea of the wind and could see that it was a Pipistrelle species, using the EM3 I could see that the calls were too low for Common Pipistrelle and fitted much better the expected small bat here, Nathusius Pipistrelle. We watched the bat feeding for twenty minutes or so and during this time I was able to make some nice recordings which have been sent down to the Biological Records Centre in Lerwick. On the same night a Leisler’s bat was found on Shetland’s mainland.

Nathusius Pipistrelle, Halligarth, Baltasound, Unst 18th October 2017.

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