Ecological Consulting

Ecology Protected Species Survey Mitigation & Advice


The Ecological Consulting team are experienced independent terrestrial and marine ecology and ornithology consultants based in Yorkshire, Northumberland, the Midlands, Wales and Scotland. We are experts in bird survey work but also hold relevant protected species survey licences for bats and great crested newt. We provide services from baseline survey work through to full and detailed reports with mitigation and enhancement plans where relevant.

Prior to forming a consultancy in 2004 we managed several high profile National Nature Reserves and worked for some of the UK’s largest conservation organisations.

We currently specialise in ecological survey for industry, local authorities and charities both onshore and offshore.

Strategically placed around the UK we undertake surveys nationally and have successfully delivered on numerous and diverse projects as well as overseas.

As a team and individually we are highly qualified, friendly, approachable, reliable, consistent and conscientious workers that can provide a professional service to a very high quality covering a range of ecological requirements and services whether it is a small or large scale project.